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Safety Update: Your Business May Be In Danger

Pro Safety is here to help. Recent legislation in South Africa means that Occupational Health and Safety legal compliance is now required by all businesses. Pro Safety is a SACPCMP registered member, as well as a certified Fall Protection Plan developer. We are your one stop OHS management and turnkey solution provider.

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The Opportunity

We are your pain-free protection from the new OHS law. We provide the consultation, creation and management of the highest quality, professional OHS compliance systems; as well as turn key services. We are not just a voice on the end of the phone or computer. We are in our clients offices at regular intervals working with clients providing solutions and ensuring maintenance. It is your companies OHS program that we help you run.

The Good News

You already know that Pro Safety is your one stop and turnkey OHS solution provider; but did you know that compliance with the laws will be cheaper than non-compliance? Don’t risk everything you’ve worked for- protect your business with Pro Safety. If you have a problem, we have a solution.

Why Now?

Severe penalties will be issued to companies that don’t comply with the new labor laws- including small and micro sized businesses. The act specifies that Risk Assessors, Safety Officers, Accident Investigators, etc. must be registered by the governing body.

Potential penalties for noncompliance include
● Fines and legal fees
● Interruption and loss of business
● Imprisonment.


“Business owners should know that according to Section 332 of the CRIMINAL PROCEDURE ACT 51 of 1977, the following persons may be prosecuted individually and jointly with the Company:” CEO Directors Assistant CEO Other Chief Officers Appointed (CFO, COO); Managers; Supervisors etc. Responsible Employees or Operators

Ongoing Support

We are your full circle solution. Pro safety provides the consultation, creation and management of the highest quality, professional OHS department. When something happens, we’ll be there for you. When things change quickly, you’ll be ready.